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Mantis Herbs Yoni Butter

Seasons change, and we along with it...

  It has been an amazing journey bringing you my original, herbal lubricant Yoni Butter (R) all these years! Thank you for your support!

 Many exciting things lie ahead, and we have decided to close our Yoni Butter(R) business to pursue new opportunities. 

  Thank you again for your support, and may you be blessed with joyful connection to nature and each other!

                             -Diana, Mantis Herbs

Yoni Butter (R) was created by Diana SkyEyes and is a trademark of Mantis Herbs.

 As a vaginal lubricant butter made with soothing and anti-bacterial organic herbs, it brings comfort to swollen or irritated tissue. Yet this rich butter also melts at body temperature, mimicking a womans natural lubrication, to provide an important dose of
confidence during intimacy.

  An original, high-quality product for both partners...with half the fun being in the application!  Spread The Joy!

Mantis Herbs Yoni Butter

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